Construction Staking in Hawaii

Purpose: To help organizations transition from the blueprint phase of a project to preparation for actual construction

Construction staking is the process of mapping out the plans for improvements or new buildings. Staking can save time and money for the project, as project managers will be able to notice if they need to make adjustments before committing any physical changes. Elements include: putting stakes into the ground to map where certain blueprints will be built, matching the blueprints as closely as possible.

Construction staking is a multi-step process. One type of staking is Rough Grade Staking, which does the mapping in relation to the final elevation grade. Rough Grade Staking is mostly used for outlines of buildings, parking lots, and roads. Another type of staking is Site Layout Staking. More comprehensive, it involves mapping vertical and horizontal locations of blueprints.

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Featured Projects

Project: Nanakuli Village Center construction staking

Location: Nanakuli, Hawaii

Component(s): Construction Stakeout

Nanakuli Village Center is a six (6) acre commercial center located in Nanakuli, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. The center has seven (7) standalone buildings which house a broad mix of tenants which include Longs Drugs, Wendy’s, Liberty Dialysis, Taco Bell, Starbucks, and Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center. The seventh building is home of smaller shops such as L&L Drive-In, Pizza Hut, and Kainalu Surf Shop. 

CM&E was involved in the site design of Nanakuli Village Center as well handling the construction stakeout for Diede Construction, Inc. (Diede), Our surveyors worked with Diede to provide timely stakeout services on an “as needed” basis. We also worked with Diede to certify as-built conditions to closeout permits and financing. 

During construction, CM&E worked with the Developer and HECO to create easement maps for HECO duct lines and utility poles. This work was expedited to ensure power could be provided to the site in time for the center’s opening.


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